Leveraging information technology is important for any business, yet for many it is a challenge to simply keep up with proper maintenance, let alone system upgrades or developing long-term plans to take advantage of newer, more efficient technologies.

AVS fills that void at a significantly lower cost than maintaining in-house IT staff. Through our Managed Service plans, we offer a variety of service levels that provide continuous monitoring and support of your entire IT environment.

Our full-service plan protects you 24 hours a day, backed by technical support via phone, Internet, or, when needed, dispatch of our engineers on-site.

Services are billed at flat monthly rates, an approach which gives us a financial incentive to ensure that your systems continue operating optimally.

The responsibility rests squarely where it belongs: on us.

In addition we assist with budgeting and long-term planning to ensure that your technologies continue to support your business objectives.